The Atlanta Cycling Festival
Your Ability, Your bike, Your Atlanta - Discover Your Bike Story

What's Your Bike Story?

Surprise, no surprise: we love bikes! ACF loves bikes for many, many reasons - and we know that are as many “I bike because…” stories as there are riders, which leads us to our big ACF 2019 Theme:

Your Ability, Your Bike, Your Atlanta – Discover Your Bike Story

We believe that everyone either has a great Bike Story to tell, or one just waiting to be discovered. For ACF 2019 we want to know your Bike Story!

Perhaps you’ve ridden all your life and basically never leave the saddle. Perhaps you only bought a bike last week. Or maybe the last time you rode a bike was when you were a kid. We want to know what riding a bike means to you. What role a bike has in your life. Why you started, and why you ride. Everyone who rides a bike has a story to tell and we want to hear yours!

We know you’re super excited to tell us your bike story so this is how you can do it!

  • Find us out on the Beltline April 1st near the Sheds at Ponce City Market starting from 3 pm for the King of Pops 9th Bday (and get a FREE and DELICIOUS Pop!)
  • Come see us at Streets Alive Central April 7th!
  • Tag a video of your story with #BikestoryACF

Come on Atlanta, we can’t wait to hear your Bike Stories!



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