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WABE Is Giving Away Two Bikes From The Atlanta Cycling Festival

Full disclosure #1: We at The Atlanta Cycling Festival love, love and love NPR.

All Things Considered? More like All Things Amazing.

Marketplace? Only the best financial news, like, ever. 

Splendid Table? AKA Hunger Town. 

Fresh Air? We'd get in a bar fight for Terry Gross any day, anytime, anywhere.

Full disclosure #2: We at The Atlanta Cycling Festival love, love and love our local NPR affiliate, WABE, for bringin' 'em to us. And keeping us informed with their great Atlanta news coverage and interviews.

Sure, WABE has been critiqued for its enjoyment and promulgation of the harshly termed, "old people jams" (AKA - Classical music). 

But, in our humble opinion, they've really upped their game with a new programming schedule. Now, you get local news/info all morning and international coverage during the day! Oh, and you can still listen to classical music all day, everyday, with their app. 

So, when we got the chance to work with WABE, we jumped at the opportunity. And we're pretty darn happy with the results.


Because you now have the chance to win TWO (2) fixed gear MBIKES on Thursday, April 16th, from 10am-2pm. 

MBIKES - The Man In BlackMBIKES - The Regal

That's right - WABE is giving away two MBIKES during their Spring Fund Drive, care of The Atlanta Cycling Festival. You could win The Man In Black and The Regal, two fixed gear bikes that are not only beautiful, but ridiculously fun. 

What's even better - You'll get to hear ol' Lois Reitzes talk about them on air! That's right, Lois Reitzes, the curator and champion of classical music everywhere, will be talking about fixed gear, single speed bikes. On public radio. For you to hear.
Lois Reitzes Loves Bikes

Lois Reitzes: Educator on the finer points of baroque era composers and single speed bicycles
We. Love. This.

So! How do you get these great bikes? Simple: Donate to WABE during their Spring Pledge Drive this Thursday, April 16th, from 10am-2pm.

Sadly, there are only two bikes to win.

But! No worries! MBIKES will be at The Opening Bash (Saturday, June 13th) giving bike demos! You'll get to try out all their bikes on the BeltLine, perhaps while jammin' to some classical tunes by ol' Franz Schubert. We think Lois would agree with and appreciate this.

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