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Preview Of Events - The Opening and Closing Bash

Holy guacamole! The 2018 Atlanta Cycling Festival is just a few weeks away.

Coming Saturday May 19 - Friday May 25, we at the ACF are in the final stages of narrowing down the 25-30 bike events during the week. 

With so many fun events, it's hard to keep things super secret until our full calendar release in April. So, um, we won't! But don't tell anyone - it'll be our not-really-a-secret-but-TOTALLY-a-secret... secret. 

So! With that, here's Preview #1 of two big events at the Atlanta Cycling Festival.

The Big Opening Bash (Saturday, May 19, 6-10pm)

Each year of the festival, we kick off our opening day with a big ol' party. We love parties. 

With the help of the awesome folks at Sweet Auburn Works (SAW) and the Historic District Development Corporation (HDDC), we're activating the Water Tower Park in Sweet Auburn/O4W.

The oldest surviving water tower in Atlanta, the tower was built in 1906 as part of a state-of-the-art water suppression system for the cotton compress factory next door at what is now Studioplex. HDDC purchased the entire property in 1998, and have since been partners in redeveloping it into the exciting Beltline amenity it is today.

SAW has the wonderful task of reviving the inside and outside of the tower – with an interior mural and art depicting the history of the Old 4th Ward, and the amazing cultural and historical significance that the neighborhood holds. 

During the party, there'll be a preview of the great stuff SAW and HDDC have in the works. In fact, $1 of Eventide beer sold at the event will go towards transforming the water tower into a focal point of the community. 

We're also collaborating with The Spindle for beer, Chicomecóatl and Tinkertown Pies for food  and, of course, The Official Chip Of The 2018 Atlanta Cycling Festival - Symphony Chips - will be out in full salty force. 

Combine this with lots bike vendors, bike orgs, bike businesses, bike demos and music and you've got an amazing Saturday night.

Old Water Tower Park

The Big Closing Bash/Relay 1 Year Anniversary Party (Friday, May 25, 6-10pm)

We mentioned that we love parties right? Well, hold on to your helmets, folks - this one is going to be big. 

Thanks to the help of Newport US RE, we're closing South Broad Street (between Mitchell and MLK Jr. Drive) in South Downtown Atlanta.

ICYMI - Newport bought a significant chunk of historic South Downtown. According to Curbed Atlanta

"Major changes are in store for an eight-block section of South Downtown, as... Newport US RE begins to craft plans for its major reinvestment in the long-overlooked neighborhood.

Renderings released last month offered a glimpse of a utopian walkable district, peppered with restored historic buildings and connected by planted pedestrian plazas, the likes of which modern Atlanta has never seen."

AKA - amazing stuff. 

So, how big is this party going to be? Behold: a summary, in bullet points and bolded text.

  • We'll have our Closing Bash: Eventide beer, bike vendors/orgs/demos, art and more.
  • Relay Bike Share will be celebrating their One Year Anniversary with us: They're working on a huge bike activation to celebrate their 1 year bday! Come learn about the bike share, try the bikes, get some swag and win all the prizes.
  • The night culminates with The Trails In Motion Mountain Bike Film Festival: Our BFF MTB Buddies at Zombie Camels are proud to host their first ever MTB film festival. Working with The Trails In Motion team, Zombie Camels is bringing this new community-driven film tour to Atlanta - expect a collection of the finest mountain biking films from around the world.

If the above doesn't get your heart racing like pedaling up a steep incline in the big ring, well, we're not sure what will. 

We can't wait for May! To stay up to date, make sure we're connected with us to get all the info:


Clif Bar has been an incredible sponsor for three years running. Since ACF 2016, they've helped fuel our adventures as we explore Atlanta on two wheels. They're also very active in making Atlanta a better place for bikes - sponsoring a number of other awesome events (Ever heard of Atlanta Streets Alive? Yeah. They sponsor that, too).

We couldn't be prouder to have them as a returning sponsor. Look for all their flavors and sample their latest oh-so-tasty bars at our Opening and Closing Bash, as well as our Pedal, Pint and Paddle event (more info soon).  

Get on your bike, grab a Clif Bar - It's time to #FeedYourAdventure.

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