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How To Get Ready For The 2018 Atlanta Cycling Festival!

Holy guacamole! We're just 2 weeks away from the 2018 Atlanta Cycling Festival (Coming Saturday, May 19 - Friday, May 25)! We've got 20+ bike events during the week - If you haven't yet, check out our 2018 Ride/Event Calendar

But how do you get ready to explore and experience Atlanta by bike? What a great question! We at the ACF have put our helmet-hair-heads together and created this handy list to make sure that you're ready for the week of biking fun!

How To Get Ready For The 2018 ACF

Behold: All the steps.

Step 1: Get A Bike

Sure, this may sound silly, but in order to enjoy a week of biking, you, well, need a bike. Here are some great options for you:

  1. Relay Bike Share: Relay has a silly amount of strategically placed and super useful hubs all around Atlanta. Also, during ACF, Relay will have "digital hubs" at all the partner bars so you can park the bikes there for no added charge! Also also! We've got a swanky promo code: acf2018. Get a Relay and come join us. 
  2. Visit one of our sponsor bike shops: Great bikes + they help make Atlanta better by supporting the community? We love that. Here's our list:
  3. Come to our Bicycle Yard Sale: That's right - our 2nd Annual Bicycle Yard Sale on Saturday May 19th, 2pm, is a fantastic place to get a nice used bike at price that works for you. Bring your haggle pants - You'll need them. 

Step 2: Download The Apps 

This year, we're proud to feature two apps for ACF participants. 

  1. Ride Report: Ride Report has partnered with the City Of Atlanta to help make  bicycle infrastructure decisions faster, smarter, and more responsive to cyclists' lived experiences. AKA - The app helps the city know what roads are great and which roads are not so great. During the ACF, the more you use the app, the more trophies you get. The trophies can then be "redeemed" at the closing party for ACF swag and beer. That's a win. Download it now
  2. ACF iOS Event AppDeveloped by the talented and regal Carlos Quinones (Our favorite biker developer), this app will give you detailed day-of info, help you plan your week and locate the next event! A must have for iOS users. Download it now.

Step 3: Follow Us!

How can you get breaking details and info on all the events during the week? Simple: Follow us on that ol' social media:

Step 4: View The Events And RSVP On Facebook

If you haven't yet, make sure you thoroughly, purposefully and vigoriously check out our 2018 ACF Calendar. Then, RSVP on Facebook for breaking details. Here are the links:

And there you go! All the details to get you primed and ready for ACF 2018. We'll see you Saturday, May 19 - Friday, May 25!


Join us for the first ever Pedal, Pint & Paddle to the REI Boathouse!

Pedal, Pint & Paddle is a day of biking, ice-cold Eventide Beer and an afternoon on the water at the REI Boathouse! We'll have food, music and all sorts of awesome bike vendors. What better way to enjoy your Sunday?

So join us Sunday, May 20th for a day of beer, bikes and boats!

Pedal Pint & Paddle Tickets



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