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EBikes are Energizing!


How an E-Bike Gave New Life

Brad Pederson, age 58, had a life changing event eight years ago while skiing. After an absolute miracle survival story, Brad has continued his day-to-day life. His Shimano STEPS e-bike has allowed him to cover more ground and enjoy his huge backyard in Park City, UT.

On December 25th, 2009, it was the start of a typical day for Kathy and Brad Pederson. They were currently spending the month of December in Park City, UT, where they had recently purchased a second home. This is the time of year where they relax, forget about work and enjoy all of the outdoor activities that Park City has to offer. On this particular day, the Pederson’s were skiing at Deer Valley Resort.

The conditions were ideal, with a high of 35 degrees and a bluebird day. It was approaching lunch and the Pederson’s were headed up for one last run before meeting some friends. It was 11:45 AM and they had just got to the top of the mountain. Brad mentioned to Kathy multiple times on the chairlift that he was feeling a little off. At this very moment, Brad fell face first on the snow. Brad was not breathing. Kathy immediately administered CPR while yelling for Flight for Life. After two minutes of CPR, the ski patrol took over and prepared for Brad’s departure. It took the flight team under 10 minutes to arrive, where they would fly Brad to Intermountain Medical Center in Salt Lake City. Kathy still was not sure what Brad’s condition was but was probably heart failure according to the ski patrol.

When Brad arrived at the hospital, he underwent a 36 hour, open heart surgery. He had torn his aorta and was given a 1% chance of survival. From the time he was airlifted to the hospital, to his massive surgery, Brad was pronounced dead on eight separate occasions and had over ten strokes. Yet miraculously, he lived. Over the next year of extensive rehabilitation, Brad had to relearn to walk, read and speak. People who worked with Brad in his recovery process say he was one of the biggest miracles to this day. A year after his accident he was able to walk, speak and return to work. Today he still struggles with speech impairments and some motor deficits due to his strokes.

The years before his accident, Brad had a passion for the outdoors, especially mountain biking. Park City has a massive network of trails for riders of all skill levels. Due to the high consequences of mountain biking, Brad needed to find a new alternative after his accident and began taking his mountain bike around the local bike paths. His rides varied between 5-8 miles on average.

The summer of 2017, Brad decided to purchase a STEP’s Class 1 e-bike, the Trek Lift. Though previously hesitant due to the motor and fear of not receiving the proper exercise, he wanted to give it a chance before he completely shut down the idea. He realized very quickly that his 5-8 mile rides were now becoming 15-20 miles, with many hills mixed in. He was putting in the same effort as his regular bike but was able to double or even triple his riding distances, seeing more of the city he loves.

“The e-bike has changed my life in so many ways. With the number of bike lanes and bike paths in Park City, it’s almost crazy not to own one. Now instead of driving to the store, I hop on my e-bike. When the weather is nice, you can count on me to ride my bike!” Brad said. Park City recently put in one of the country’s first ever electric bike share programs. They have multiple docs throughout the town and travel up to 15 mph. The e-bike scene is like no other in Park City.

It has been almost 10 years since Brad’s accident. To this day, he has made a miracle recovery; from having to relearn day-to-day traits, to now being able to ride his bike 15 plus miles. His STEP’s powered Trek Lift has allowed him to maintain a healthy lifestyle, continue to be outside, and cover more ground. Brad has put over 400 miles on his e-bike and looks to double that number in the future.

Learn more about Brad's STEPS powered Trek Lift here!

Pictures and Blog courtesy of Shimano STEPS

Ride, Event, and Volunteer Submissions are Open!


Have you ever thought? Gee I wish there was some sort of amazingly awesome and stupendously super cycling festival where I could help others to discover Atlanta on two wheels… Well think no longer because do we have the answer for you!

We are excited to announce that Ride, Event and Volunteer submissions for 2019 are open! What makes the Atlanta Cycling Festival truly great is…well frankly you. That’s why we need your biking greatness. If you want to lead a ride, host an event, or volunteer to help make this year’s festival better than ever, this is your chance.

So what ideas do you have? Perhaps a Slowest Bike competition, or maybe a tour of Atlanta’s finest Pizza Establishments? We know that you are just brimming with fun and creative ideas, so send them along to us and we’ll be in contact for the next steps.

The deadline for rides will be April 5th, so don’t waste any time and come show people what we love about life on two wheels!

Lead a ride or host an event at the Atlanta Cycling Festival


For the past 4 years, Bruce Hagen and his Bike Law Georgia team have been huge partners and sponsors of the Atlanta Cycling Festival. Bruce and his team are avid cyclists, lovers of beer and incredibly active in the Atlanta bike community.

Each year about 50,000 Americans are injured, and approximately 500 killed, while simply riding their bicycles. And, despite the growth of the Atlanta BeltLine and other metro Atlanta bike plans, our region remains a dangerous one for bikers. Georgia drivers continue to be aggressive or inattentive to bicycles with which they share the roads.

If you're ever injured in a bike crash/wreck (something we sincerely hope will never ever ever ever happen), we confidently recommend the personal injury attorneys at Bruce A. Hagen Law.

2019 Atlanta Cycling Festival Dates Announced!


The 2019 Atlanta Cycling Festival will be Saturday May 11 – Friday May 17

Our 2019 Theme!

Your Ability, your bike, your Atlanta - Discover Your Bike Story

Biking means many things to many people, whether you are a serious roadie, a committed commuter, enjoy the occasional sunny day ride, or all of the above. Your bike story is how you came to love being on a bike, in whatever way you choose. We want to help remind you of your bike story, reconnect you with your bike story, or perhaps introduce you to a new bike story, while at the same time connecting you to this amazing city!

That is what this year’s theme is about. No matter your ability and no matter the bike, we want to create a space for you to explore and connect with Atlanta and with other bikers.

So get behind those handlebars and get ready for May!

We Are Excited About May!

Like last year’s festival, May was chosen for the weather, and because it went so well last time!

There Will Be Stellar New Events and the Return of the Classics!

We are working hard to make this year even better than the last (which is no small task) and that means knowing what classics to keep, and when to strike out and explore something new. Great rides like the Espresso Ride, the Intercontinental Fancy Cocktail Ride, Queer Ride, and The One Ride will be on the calendar!

But wait, there’s more…

While the oldies are definitely goldies, we are excited to bring new events to the 2019 Festival! Look for events such as the Westside Beltline tour, MTB Atlanta/REI Bike Park, 99% Ride, the Shimano STEPS Ebike ride, and the largest and loudest closing bash yet featuring a full concert to be located at Quarry Yards! This is just the tip of the iceberg and we will be bringing other amazing rides and events to you soon!

Interested in hosting a ride or event? Fill out our ride info form here.

Bikepacking Extravaganza!

Last year’s Bikepacking Trip was moved to Fall due to pesky weather conditions, but it turns out doing it in the Fall was amazing! Therefore we are excited to say that the 2019 ACF Bikepacking Trip will take place this Fall of instead of Spring. And if you don’t know what this awesome event is, then keep your eyes peeled and stay updated because you won’t want to miss it!

The Power that Moves the Pedals - Spectacular Volunteers

The Atlanta Cycling Festival has been amazingly lucky to have such wonderful volunteers since its creation and we are grateful for it. They help to make ACF a fun, safe, and welcoming place for all, and this year our volunteer team will be working hard to make the ACF experience the best it can be.

Interested in Volunteering with the 2019 ACF? Sign up to volunteer here!

Sponsorship is Now Open

Making the most amazing bike festival in Atlanta a reality is tons of fun, but all that delicious Eventide beer, permitting and food doesn’t come cheap. ACF has had the honor of being supported by long time partners and sponsors who help make all this possible. We would love your support in helping us to make ACF 2019 the best year yet!

Won’t you help us in making the 2019 ACF a reality? Here’s all the 2019 Sponsorship Information.

That’s it for now and we can’t wait to see you May 11 – 17!

Don’t miss any Festival Updates!

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Relay Bike Share is the City of Atlanta’s bike share operator. With 500 “smart bikes” and over 70 stations across the city, Relay seeks to be a healthy and enjoyable transportation solution.

Whether you are an occasional user enjoying some of Atlanta’s beautiful bike paths, or using the system to close a gap on your daily commute…Relay Bike Share is there for you! During ACF 2019, Relay will have "virtual hubs" at all of our parties and restaurant partners during the week! Need a bike during ACF? No prob - Get a Relay and use the promo code "ACF2019" for a special discount.