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Festival Consulting

The Atlanta Cycling Festival staff have been planning festivals and events for the past 5 years. We've held festivals, rides, runs, trips, fundraisers and a whole lot more. We've learned what's successful and what's not the best idea.

With that knowledge, we want to help make your idea a wonderful and profitable reality! Need some festival consulting and help? Let's talk.

Consulting Services

Our team has experience across a lot of specialties and industries. We've found that a diversity of talents leads to an awesome event. 

  • Digital Consulting: If your event or festival doesn't have a presence digitally, then you're dead in the water. We consult on website design, SEO, social media and help build out an actionable digital marketing plan to make your event visible.
  • Sponsorship Consulting: We share our best practices for when/where/how to get sponsors/partners on board and excited about working with you. From big businesses to local restaurants, we'll help outline a plan to achieve the numbers you need to grow and become viable.
  • Community Engagement: We'll help you gain buy-in from neighborhoods and local organizations. 
  • Alcohol/City Permitting: Learn the ins/outs of legally serving and charging for alcohol at your event and permits needed to close streets, reserve parks and more. This knowledge is Georgia specific.
  • Metrics Tracking: We help you setup digital and event metrics so you can measure the success of your idea. 
  • Health Outcomes: We help you incorporate health outcomes and measures into your event, allowing you to track and analyze the health impact of your event.
  • City Planning/Infrastructure: Learn how to incorporate planning firms, design ideas and sustainable design practices into your event. 
  • Art Design: Want your idea to have an art component? We'll help you concept and build out that idea with our art team.
  • Carbon Neutral/Negative: From recycling to human-powered events, we help you keep your carbon footprint low or negative. 
Each opportunity will be on a case-by-case basis, depending on needs and timeline.

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Our Pricing

As each event and festival is different, our pricing is on a case-by-case basis. We're proud of our work, our results and our team. What we take financially, we return x-fold in value, added revenue or growth.

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